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FarmCon 17 Media Vault

FarmCon 17 Media Vault videos are available here.

Modding Video Tutorials 3.0 (Farming Simulator 17)

Modding Video Tutorials 3.0 for Farming Simulator 17 are available here.

FarmCon 16 Media Vault

Keynote: The Past, Present and Future of Farming Simulator by Christian Ammann
From Modder to Game Developer by Emil Drefers
Everyday life of a games developer by Marc Schwegler & Stefan Geiger
Guest contribution: Precision Farming by Dr. Bernhard Schmitz (AGCO)
Modding for FS17: Engine, features, changes, tips by Manuel Leithner
Sound design in Farming Simulator by Tobias Reuber
Mod Conversion from FS15 to FS17 by Marius Hofmann
Creating dirt textures by Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner

Modding Video Tutorials 2.0 (Farming Simulator 15)

Part I: GIANTS Editor - Functionalities and mapping
Chapter 1: Installing the GIANTS Editor
Chapter 2: Functionalities of GIANTS Editor
Chapter 3: Preparing the Mod Map
Chapter 4: Terrain Sculpting (I)
Chapter 5: Terrain Sculpting (II)
Chapter 6: Planting
Chapter 7: Placing Objects
Chapter 8: Creating Navigation Meshes
Chapter 9: Freeze Transformations
Chapter 10: Material Panel
Chapter 11: User Attributes
Chapter 12: Particle Systems
Chapter 13: AI Traffic

Part II: 3D Exporters - Autodesk Maya
Chapter 14: Maya Exporter Plugin Installation
Chapter 15: Creating Textures/UVs
Chapter 16: Exporting properly from Maya
Chapter 17: Animation
Chapter 18: Skinning

Part III: 3D Exporters - Autodesk Max
Chapter 19: Installation of 3ds Max Plugin
Chapter 20: Exporting properly from 3ds Max

Part IV: 3D Exporters - Blender
Chapter 21: Installation of Blender Plugin
Chapter 22: Exporting properly from Blender

Part V: Textures
Chapter 23: NVIDIA Tools Installation
Chapter 24: Using NVIDIA Tools in Photoshop
Chapter 25: Explanation of the Dirt System

Part VI: Advanced
Chapter 26: Console Commands
Chapter 27: Explanation of modDesc.xml
Chapter 28: Vehicle XML - Index Path
Chapter 29: Vehicle XML - vehicle type, components, ...
Chapter 30: Vehicle XML - wheels, motor, fuel, cameras, ...
Chapter 31: Vehicle XML - attacher, movingParts, movingTools
Chapter 32: Create ZIP file and upload to ModHub
Chapter 33: Optimizations