Video Tutorials

Step-by-step modding videos

FarmCon 20 Media Vault

Testing for a non-linear game like Farming Simulator (Kenneth Burgess)
Sound Design for the next Farming Simulator (Stefan Geiger)
Modding for Beginners - Modifying XMLs (Stefan Maurus)
LUA scripting (Marius Hofmann)
Introduction to ModHub (Kenneth Burgess)
Designing the new map for FS19 (Horia Serban)

Modding Video Tutorials 4.0 (Farming Simulator 19)

Part I - GIANTS Editor Overview
Chapter 1: Installing the GIANTS Editor
Chapter 2: Basic functions of the GIANTS Editor

Part II - Map Creation
Chapter 3: Terrain editing
Chapter 4: Creating fields
Chapter 5: Adding objects

Part III - Gameplay
Chapter 6: Creating farmlands
Chapter 7: Creating the starting farm
Chapter 8: Adding the shop
Chapter 9: Setting up missions
Chapter 10: Adding AI traffic

Part IV - Sound
Chapter 11: Adding Sounds

FarmCon 19 Media Vault

Map Design in Farming Simulator 19 - Florian Busse
Serious Games at GIANTS - Stefan Maurus
Realism vs. Fun - Martin Rabl, Stefan_LS, Wopster, BlackJack
Guest Presentation: CLAAS - Bernd Ludewig, Corinna Kotula, Reinhold Mähler
Guest Presentation: Swiss Future Farm - Nils Zehner
Introducing the new Script Debugger - Stefan Geiger
Guest Presentations: DJI Agricultural Drones - Davis Wong

FarmCon 18 Media Vault

Audio in FS19 - Tiago Inácio
FS Community Management - Lars Malcharek
YouTube changes - Martin Rabl, GudnLP, Burning-Gamers,NordtheinTV, SachsenLetsPlayer
Dynamics and diversity in product development - Philipp Horsch
Textures in FS19 - Marc Schwegler, Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner
Modding for FS19. Engine, features, changes, tips - Stefan Maurus
General modding Q&A - Martin Rabl, Manuel Leithner, Marc Schwegler, Stefan Geiger
LUA scripting - Manuel Leithner
Modding for consoles - Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner

FarmCon 17 Media Vault

How to integrate Maya models into the game - Stefan Maurus
Control Traffic Farming - Michael Horsch
Inside Modhub - Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner
3D Modelling and Texturing - Maximilian Frömter
Map Modding Best Practices - Angelo Panciotto
Introduction Lua Scripting - Manuel Leithner

Modding Video Tutorials 3.0 (Farming Simulator 17)

Part I - GIANTS Editor
Chapter 1: Editor Installation
Chapter 2: Functionality of the Editor
Chapter 3: Mod Map SDK
Chapter 4: Import from Mod or Game
Chapter 5: Mapping - Terrain Sculpting / Painting
Chapter 6: Mapping - Terrain Sculpting II (Erosion / PerlinNoise)
Chapter 7: Mapping - Terrain Foliage Layer
Chapter 8: Mapping - Placing Objects
Chapter 9: Mapping - Creating Navigation Meshes
Chapter 10: Freeze Transformations
Chapter 11: Material Panel
Chapter 12: UserAttributes (onCreate with tipTrigger)
Chapter 13: Particle Systems
Chapter 14: Traffic (Spline Editing and XML Files)
Chapter 15: Script Editor

Part II - Maya
Chapter 16: Maya Exporter Plugin Installation
Chapter 17: Creating Textures / UVs
Chapter 18: Exporting properly from Maya, using simple objects
Chapter 19: Animation
Chapter 20: Skinning

Part III - i3D Tools for 3ds Max
Chapter 21: Installation of Max Plugin
Chapter 22: Exporting properly from Max, using an object

Part IV - i3D Tools for Blender
Chapter 23: Installation of Blender Plugin
Chapter 24: Exporting properly from Blender, using an object

Part V - Textures
Chapter 25: Nvidia Tools Installation
Chapter 26: Nvidia Tools and using Photoshop - DDS
Chapter 27: Explanation Dirt System - SpecularMap

Part VI - Advanced
Chapter 28: Console
Chapter 29: Explanation of the moddesc.xml
Chapter 30: Node Index Path in GE
Chapter 31: Vehicle XML I (storeData, vehicleType)
Chapter 32: Vehicle XML II (engine, chassis frame, wheels)
Chapter 33: Vehicle XML III (attacher, animation, movingParts)
Chapter 34: Creating a .zip and upload to ModHub
Chapter 35: Creating washable Texture in Photoshop
Chapter 36: Creating a PDA Map with GE and Photoshop
Chapter 37: Optimizations

FarmCon 16 Media Vault

From Modder to Game Developer by Emil Drefers
Everyday life of a games developer by Marc Schwegler & Stefan Geiger
Guest contribution: Precision Farming by Dr. Bernhard Schmitz (AGCO)
Modding for FS17: Engine, features, changes, tips by Manuel Leithner
Sound design in Farming Simulator by Tobias Reuber
Mod Conversion from FS15 to FS17 by Marius Hofmann
Creating dirt textures by Jan-Hendrik Pfitzner