Video Tutorials

Step-by-step modding videos

Modding Video Tutorials (Farming Simulator 15)

Part I: GIANTS Editor - Functionalities and mapping
Chapter 1: Installing the GIANTS Editor
Chapter 2: Functionalities of GIANTS Editor
Chapter 3: Preparing the Mod Map
Chapter 4: Terrain Sculpting (I)
Chapter 5: Terrain Sculpting (II)
Chapter 6: Planting
Chapter 7: Placing Objects
Chapter 8: Creating Navigation Meshes
Chapter 9: Freeze Transformations
Chapter 10: Material Panel
Chapter 11: User Attributes
Chapter 12: Particle Systems
Chapter 13: AI Traffic

Part II: 3D Exporters - Autodesk Maya
Chapter 14: Maya Exporter Plugin Installation
Chapter 15: Creating Textures/UVs
Chapter 16: Exporting properly from Maya
Chapter 17: Animation
Chapter 18: Skinning

Part III: 3D Exporters - Autodesk Max
Chapter 19: Installation of 3ds Max Plugin
Chapter 20: Exporting properly from 3ds Max

Part IV: 3D Exporters - Blender
Chapter 21: Installation of Blender Plugin
Chapter 22: Exporting properly from Blender

Part V: Textures
Chapter 23: NVIDIA Tools Installation
Chapter 24: Using NVIDIA Tools in Photoshop
Chapter 25: Explanation of the Dirt System

Part VI: Advanced
Chapter 26: Console Commands
Chapter 27: Explanation of modDesc.xml
Chapter 28: Vehicle XML - Index Path
Chapter 29: Vehicle XML - vehicle type, components, ...
Chapter 30: Vehicle XML - wheels, motor, fuel, cameras, ...
Chapter 31: Vehicle XML - attacher, movingParts, movingTools
Chapter 32: Create ZIP file and upload to ModHub
Chapter 33: Optimizations