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Mod jumping after buying

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Created16.07.2009 10:58

Felix Sorge (Unknown) 16.07.2009 10:58
I made a mod but when I buy the mod from the dealer it jumps once when its placed into the game.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 20.07.2009 09:27
There is an attribute 'size' in the vehicle xml.
This is the dimension of the vehicle, which is used to check for a collision when being placed at the shop.
You should make this big enough:
<size width="3" length="5" lengthOffset="0" widthOffset="0" />

widthOffset/lengthOffset is used, if your vehicle is not centered around the 0/0/0 point
along the x axis/z axis.

Additionally the minimum point of your collision geometry should not be below y = 0, since the object is placed at terrainHeight+smallValue. If the collision geometry then has penetration with the terrain, it is going to fly :)

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