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Created23.07.2009 14:45

Christopher Toft Møller (Unknown) 23.07.2009 14:47
where are the buttons files, ex. missions
where are the file .dds used for background

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 23.07.2009 16:30
They are stored in the dataS.gar. It is not possible to change these files.

Christopher Toft Møller (Unknown) 24.07.2009 13:30
ok, thanks for help!

Fodor József (Unknown) 14.08.2009 16:21
The dataS.gar how it is possible to modify the content of a file?

Tobias Fricke (Unknown) 14.08.2009 17:34
Stefan Geiger : "It is not possible to change these files."

hm I think he already says it :D

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