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Created23.07.2009 19:59

Matthias B. (Unknown) 23.07.2009 20:05

i have added a trigger to a vehicle, everything works fine, i buy the mod test my trigger with print by leave and enter --> it works than i save the game and load it again after that my trigger does not react! what´s the problem?

mfg mxy

Matthias B. (Unknown) 27.07.2009 21:16
no idea?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 29.07.2009 08:30
Do you remove the trigger (removeTrigger) when the map is unloaded? Is addTrigger called when the savegame loads?

Matthias B. (Unknown) 29.07.2009 13:53
addTrigger is called when the savegame loads and the trigger will be removed when the map is unloaded, it´s a normal vehicle with vehicle.lua and a specialization

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