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Created26.07.2009 20:54

Mb Trac Fan (Unknown) 26.07.2009 20:59

What is this "km/h" filename? Is it "Hud_(something).png and where is this file??
I know it is in the dataS.gar is it in the dataS.gar/missions/???
There is picture:


Tobias Fricke (Unknown) 27.07.2009 01:47
The km/h is a rendered Text ;)

Mb Trac Fan (Unknown) 27.07.2009 16:43
My problem is: I have English version "Farming Simulator 2009", and i have "mph" text, but i want "km/h" text in english version, how I can change that???

Mb Trac Fan (Unknown) 30.07.2009 23:18
Can anybody help???

Brian Pedersen (Unknown) 24.04.2010 16:24
if you want i can send you a text file where you "translate" things like the speed indicater and such, i have translated part of the game to Danish, so my users on my have a better gaming experience

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