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Problems after scaling wheel

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Created27.08.2009 15:49

Manpeter Otac (Unknown) 27.08.2009 15:50
I need to know how do I make my back wheels spin? Now, when I resize them (I cganged "scales" in GE) they dont spin any more. What can I do?

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 27.08.2009 18:47
Hi Manpeter,

Maybe you changed something on the scenegraph layout of the vehicle while changing the scale of the wheels.


Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 28.08.2009 12:47
The scale values of any object must be 1. So, if you want to scale it, you propably must scale it in your 3D program enviroment and freeze the scale to that point to make again the scale values 1. Then export again. If the background color of the scale values in the editor is red then you have problem. I think that scaling it from the editor, isn't the right way. Check this out.
Keep walking,

Manpeter Otac (Unknown) 28.08.2009 14:42
So I have to scale it in Blender? Is scalin in Blender the same as in Giants Editor?

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 29.08.2009 10:22
I don't know about Blender. I recommend Maya 2008. It is the TOP. Try to learn Maya, it is not difficult. There are many books and tutorials out there.
Keep walking,

Manpeter Otac (Unknown) 29.08.2009 12:55
I now realise, that scaling is not the problem. Eather if I not scale wheels I still cant go in tractor. I sume that wtah is wrong is changing wheels. If I change wheels I wather cant go in tractor. What could be problem? Maybe indexes? But I didnt change position in scenegraph in GE. What other colud be wrong?

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