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Problem after modify map

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Created13.09.2009 13:58

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 13.09.2009 14:02
I have lowered the level of the ground, when I load the map the vehicles arrive from the sky and icons "i" remain in the sky.
It's possible to reset the start of position of this objects?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

Manuel Adams (Unknown) 15.09.2009 16:00
Hi Claudio...

the "i"´s are located in /data/maps/missions/careerInfoTriggers.i3d.

Changing the Positions in the File will affect the Placement of the Triggers ingame.

infoTrigger_01: the Dunger Info @ "Gärtnerei"
infoTrigger_02: Collect Bottles near Brewery
infoTrigger_03: Vehicles Shop info
infoTrigger_04: Start Info "Sie haben geerbt"
infoTrigger_05: Start Info Old Vehicles

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 15.09.2009 20:00
Hi Mr. Adams,
Thanks for your help.
You know if is possible change the start position of vehicle at firt laod of maps.
I have modify the file careerVehicle.xml but if I use the original maps I must to remodify the files.
Thanks in advance
Best regards

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