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Scrpting center pivit sprinkler system

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Created19.09.2009 21:29

Dale Lytle (Unknown) 19.09.2009 21:39
I designed a "Center Pivit Sprinkler System" and have no Idea how to script, if there is anyone who would lik a shot at it, Check it out at -;cat=44

So far its a big hit with everyone!!

I am asking here; Is there a good Tutorial that is easy to understand for the beginer on XML and Scripting?
I cannot make heads or tails out of the tutorial here and it refears me to use na editor to open the Main.Lua and this is impossible beens it is burried in DataS.Gar and that puts me at a dead end cause the tutorial uses the Main.Lua as an example as if you can see whats in it!!! Anyway - Help!

Matthias B. (Unknown) 19.09.2009 22:45

you donĀ“t need the main.lua! look in your Farming Simulator folder, after you have installed the patch their must be a folder named "sdk" the are some script files. try to understand them. also take a look on your game cd their is also a folder named "sdk" with an samplemod! your project is 100% possible!

Ddale Lytle (Unknown) 21.09.2009 02:13
I purchased the game as a download, have no cd and I have looked everywere and there is no folder or file named sdk.
I have plaid around with some scipting with old dos QBasic ect, it looks simualer, I think I just need a good tutorial if you know of one.
This SDK folder, if I do not have it, Why??

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