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Created03.10.2009 18:24

Thomas Heath (Unknown) 03.10.2009 18:29
Hi when i save my giants editor file it just comes up with Error while saving i3d File. Could someone please tell why and if possible,what i need to do to solve the problem. Thanks

Tobias F. (Unknown) 04.10.2009 12:44
Maybe you have Win Vista or Win 7 ?

Then you should run the editor.exe with Adminrights ;)

Thomas Heath (Unknown) 08.10.2009 19:07
It works! Thanks

Ken Muscat (Unknown) 21.03.2010 05:06
I don't want to sound to out of place but could you tell me how I can change it to run with editor.exe with Adminrights?
I am having the same problems but I can't seem to be able to change it over because I keep getting the same error and I do have win 7. Thanks

Brian Pedersen (Unknown) 24.04.2010 16:33
ken: just right click on editor.exe and choose "open with administrator rights/as administrator"

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