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Created24.10.2009 22:03

M. Templaer (Unknown) 24.10.2009 22:04
I noticed that at night from about 19:00 hours time appear to be going faster. Is there a way to disable this and make it go at the same speed as during the day?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.10.2009 09:03
We did add this feature based on user feedback from Farming Simulator 2008. The time goes 4 times as fast in the night as during the day.

You could add some code, that does a compensation. Using the mod event listener you could add an update function that divides the time scale by 4 during the night.

function eventListener:loadMap(name)
self.origTimeScale = g_settingsTimeScale;
function eventListener:deleteMap()
g_settingsTimeScale = self.origTimeScale;

function eventListener:update(dt)
if g_currentMission.environment.dayTime > 20*60*60*1000 or g_currentMission.environment.dayTime < 6*60*60*1000 then
g_settingsTimeScale = self.origTimeScale/4;
g_settingsTimeScale = self.origTimeScale;

Mark H. (Unknown) 28.10.2009 10:12
OK thanks for the help.

Mark H. (Unknown) 28.10.2009 17:48
Unfortunately it doesn't appear to work. I tried it but time still goes much faster during the night.

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