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Created27.10.2009 21:32

Alex Engel (Unknown) 27.10.2009 21:35
I created a Trailer from the scratch. I encountered a problem, to which i simply fail to see the solution. Everything works except when the loaded trailer goes to dump it's load. When I try do do this the game goes into a infinite loop.

Error running lua function: update
[string "dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Trai..."]:230: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'tipDischargeEndTime' (a nil value)

Is the error message that will repeat itself over and over in the log file until I end the program.

thank you in advance for your ideas

best regards


Pierre S (Unknown) 28.10.2009 09:54

Are you make animation in Giants ?? if is right then

- When you play your animation in Giants (NOT SAVE AFTER!!), is that your animation play ??
- Is that coordinated animation is yellow in giants ??
- Have you put the right index animation in the xml tipper ??


Alex Engel (Unknown) 30.10.2009 15:02
Thank you Pierre,

I must have been asleep when I counted the indexes. Thank you for your little nudge in the right direction.

Best regards

Pierre S (Unknown) 30.10.2009 23:48
No problem Alex !! if you are find your problem it's good for me !!

Best regards


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