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Bad alloc sth error anytime

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Created01.12.2009 18:01

Thomas H. (Patar) 01.12.2009 18:06
Hello, i already have saw many about this Theme, but no one can help me about this error.

It come anytime when it want, sometimes at threshing, baling, swathing,...

it came without of a "forecast".

its not by saving, so i didn't have a chance to save my game.

I play the wilcome to Texas mod, and here is my log.txt file:

Thanks for every help, and so sorry for my english

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 02.12.2009 11:20
Hi Thomas,

I guess you are using a unstable/bad mod. Ask the original author of the mod to fix the crash issues.


Thomas H. (Patar) 02.12.2009 17:38
thanks chris for your answere, but you know what this bring me on?? nothing??

I can't find out which mod it ist, so i'm not able to fix this bug.

If it will come on a spezial moment, i can find the unstable mod, but it comes when it will, so... I must live with this??

Alex Engel (Unknown) 02.12.2009 17:50
Hi Thomas,
since nobody here has any Idea, as to what mods you have installed, all I can advice you to do is post your complete log file here or remove all mods and reinstall them one at a time, so you can be sure which one the bad apple is.


Thomas H. (Patar) 02.12.2009 18:00
Oh this file in the first post is the complete log file

If i reinstall this mods one at a time, i must play minimum 1 hours to check if this is the error-mod.

i've already sad that this error come anytime, not if i make a spezial thing like plouhg or so.

Alex Engel (Unknown) 03.12.2009 00:33
Well there is nothing obvious that I could see from your logfile. And as I said before there is just no telling which mod might mess up your game. So either you gonna live with it or you need to go through the hassle and eliminate the mod in question by trying them one by one.

Maybe some of the others has a better Idea but i am afraid this is your only option that you have.

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 11.09.2011 13:52
I am player farming 2011 and I can tell you already that this bug can not mod as it came to me and I also zero mod

by cons I see that FS2011 has a peak RAM usage is a time to give.

es that this issue could not come from the games running in 32 byte?

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