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Created23.12.2009 02:25

Robbie Geiger (Unknown) 23.12.2009 02:27
Hi, I am new to modding and I have made a simple bale spike for hay bales that hooks up to the back of a tractor as a 3 point hitch. But I don't know how to add triggers so that I can hook it up to a tractor. I have gotten the spike in the game, I can buy it and it appears, but I can walk right through it, what makes it solid? Thanks guys, I know people have posted of this before, but I don't understand all the scripts you guys put down.



Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 01.02.2010 12:24
Making an object solid does not involve any triggers or scripts. You need to make sure, that you have marked the object as rigid body and dynamic. The collision flag needs to be set as well.
The geometry that is used is always convex, so make sure that this is ok for you, or you need to split the object up into multiple parts and make a compound.
To make a compound, you take one part as the root. This you make dynamic and set the compound flag.
The other parts to make as childs of the root, and then you make them dynamic as well, and set the "comound child" flag.

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