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Error in Utils.lua

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Created28.12.2009 10:38

Andrew Asche (Unknown) 28.12.2009 10:41
I created a trailer mod from scratch and am getting the following error when I try to buy it:

Error running lua function: mouseEvent
[string "dataS/scripts/Utils.lua"]:30: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

This error is interfering heavily with my ability to use or even debug the mod. Could I see that line, and if necessary (for context) the area around that line in Utils.lua? Or, if you're unwilling, will you at least say which function of Utils line 30 falls within?


In an obviously related question, does anyone know what causes that error to be returned? I feel like learning what that line in Utils.lua is would help indicate the problem, but right now, I am absolutely dead-ended and very frustrated.

Thanks for any help.

Tobias F. (Unknown) 28.12.2009 17:08
That error may caused by:

Utils.indexToObject(rootNode, index)

The index you gave is nil ;)

Andrew Asche (Unknown) 28.12.2009 20:52
Yeah, the catch was that I wasn't using my own specialization, so the problem was in either my i3d or config files, and there was really no indication as to what it was.

Ultimately it turned out to be the fact that my wheels were nested in a transform group. I dunno why that caused a problem... :p

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