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Created17.01.2010 19:24

Teemu Huhtala (Unknown) 17.01.2010 19:28
Hi! I have a big problem in my map. I added five crops and checked every id number of the crops. But when I open it GE in scripting bar reads:

Error: RLEUtil: decoding to BitVector is only supported with input char width 1 or 2
..\..\..\src\base\util\RLEUtil.cpp(43) : Error
Scenefile F:\newmap\map01.i3d loaded in 15555 ms

Plus it deletes all crops on my map.
Any ideas what is the problem?

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 23.01.2010 17:26
Hi Teemu,

I would guess that you added the corps wrong. Can you post the terrain part of your map i3d?


Teemu Huhtala (Unknown) 25.01.2010 17:07
No, I haven't add them wrong. Because when I took them off (deleted all what pointed into them) the broblem was still in there!!!!!

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