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Lower yield on the large maps

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Created24.01.2010 21:41

Rene Monsees (Unknown) 24.01.2010 21:42
I have a problem with the yield on the large maps. The yield is many times smaller than on the original map. where you can change the yield of the crop-den?


Alex Engel (Unknown) 27.01.2010 20:41
Yeah that Problem is well known, we ran a few tests and determined ultimately that it is a problem when the map builder tried to save upload size and didn't change the size of the cultivator grle. A map with proper sized cultivator grle will be well beyond the 500MB just for the cultivator density grle.


Rene Monsees (Unknown) 27.01.2010 21:46
The Problem is finished. Geri-G make a Mod with a lua- and modDesc-file. Works fine ;-)


Jens Rabmund (jensjcs) 29.05.2010 10:06
works maybe fine with the mod on large maps, BUT if you look at seeded hectars, it will show not the correct seeded area. the cultivator_density.grle must be changed for this. but i dont know how to do it. atm only GIANTS can do that. so it would be nice to have the option to do that by my-/yourself.

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