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Created25.01.2010 14:27

Adam Klodowski (Unknown) 25.01.2010 14:33
I have just a bunch of ideas for the new relese of the Farming simulator.

It would be nice if the new release of the farm simulator would contain such features like buying a farm - so multiple farms on map, different maps to choose from for a game. More places where you can sell the items you grow on your fields and more shops to buy tools and equipment - it could be divided by brand or type etc.
Each single wehicle combination should be available with "hire worker" option.
Some simple way of specifiyng a route from-to for a tractor to send if eg with a trailer from the field to the brewery or other place of interest.
Mini map should show where specific tools and vehicles are located - not only the character.
More different kinds of things you can grow should be natively supported.
Few extra in game missions
Achievements in the game like in gta IV, for instance plow all fields with the weakest tractor, earn 1000000 etc.

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 18.02.2010 11:37
Hi Adam,

Please post your request in the official support forum. This forum is more about the technical side of things.


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