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Problem with old bugged LS09 mods

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Created06.02.2010 23:02

Sven Kottowski (Unknown) 06.02.2010 23:12

I have a problem with the Game LS-09 Gold Edition
When i start the game it starts in the fullscreen mode and i see the mainscreen for 1 sec
then the game goes back on Desktop and i see it in the taskbar.
If i try it agian i will be the same.
I can only play in the window modus.

I use Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
They is no error in the log file.

best regards Psycho

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 07.02.2010 12:22
Hi Sven,

Could be a mod that is not compatible with LS09 Gold.


Sven Kottowski (Unknown) 07.02.2010 12:40
Hi Christian

I tried it again without any mods and its the same problem result
are there any other things that could be it?

best regards Psycho

Sven Kottowski (Unknown) 09.02.2010 22:01
Has nobody a answer of my problem

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