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Created02.03.2010 17:28

Pierre S (Unknown) 02.03.2010 17:29

setEnableGrowth, the function exists in ls09?
if so, how it is used to set true or false on a crop?



Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 03.03.2010 11:54
The function is used to turn on/off the growth process of the foliage.

To disable the growing, it is used like this:
setEnableGrowth(foliageId, false);

foliageId is the id of the foliage layer, eg. g_currentMission.fruits[FruitUtil.FRUITTYPE_WHEAT].id

Pierre S (Unknown) 03.03.2010 14:05
Thx Stefan, it's work !


Pierre S (Unknown) 03.03.2010 18:40
one more thing !
what is the name the function <growthTime value="593.099"/> in wheat_growthState.xml?

self.growthTime or g_currentMission.growthTime for example

Because i want the growthTime is always 0 ingame !

thx for your answer.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 12.03.2010 09:25
GrowthTime in this xml file is an internal variable that tracks the current state of walking through the world and updating the growthstate of each region.

This is not the value that describes how long the growth periods take.

To change this period, you can use the function setGrowthStateTime(foliageId, float time)
However you should not set this to 0, since this would result in an infinitely short period of time to grow from start to end growth state.
Setting this to a huge number is ok, which practically disables the growing process.

Pierre S (Unknown) 16.03.2010 18:04
thx for your answer !! it's work ;)


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