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Created08.05.2010 15:10

Kamion Matris (Unknown) 08.05.2010 15:10
So, how to do delete traffic?

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 08.05.2010 16:14
Go into the savgames.xml in the MyGames Folder.
Edit <traffic density="1" spawnInterval="1000" />
to <traffic density="0" spawnInterval="1000" />
the traffic is not deleted, only disabled.


Michl Franz (Unknown) 10.05.2010 16:39

Kamion Matris (Unknown) 14.05.2010 16:35
But, you cant do it in "maps" file?

Friedrich L. (Unknown) 14.05.2010 23:01
You must save with Strg + S

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