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Script crash (callstack)

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Created12.06.2010 09:26

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 12.06.2010 09:39

I have been having problems with some of the mods I have been making.
When I load the game and go into the store and press the 'buy' button it goes out without the 'sell' button lighting up or actually having bought the mod. I have checked the 'log.txt' and it says in there things like the following:

dataS/scripts/Utils.lua@536 (clone)
dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua@53 (loadSharedI3DFile)
dataS/scripts/BaseMission.lua@407 (new)
dataS/scripts/gui/StoreMenu.lua@313 (loadVehicle)
dataS/scripts/gui/base_gui.lua@169 (onClick)
dataS/scripts/gui/StoreMenu.lua@112 (mouseEvent)
dataS/scripts/gui/menu.lua@264 (mouseEvent)
dataS/scripts/main.lua@278 (mouseEvent)
Error running lua function: mouseEvent
[string "dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua"]:71: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'rootX' (a nil value)

Another Problemed line:

Error running lua function: mouseEvent
[string "dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua"]:248: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

Can you please tell me what I can do to fix these problems. Thankyou.

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 12.06.2010 13:01
Hi Joshua!
Go to these lines at your script file yourmod.lua (71 and 248) and see carefully whats the problem with the commands at these lines.
If nothing is there at these lines, then the wrong is to some other commands elsewhere in your script. Perhaps it is an inappropriate command expression.

Best Regards,

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 13.06.2010 02:33
I have used the 'Amazone_Catros.lua' script for these mods and I am not sure who wrote it.

Bartosz Koperski (Unknown) 13.06.2010 11:48
But these lines are in vehicle.lua.

I think there's missing line or something like that in 'xml' file.

Tobias F (JD6930) 13.06.2010 22:51
The game don't find the mod I3d-File.

In Mod-XML:


Joshua Branson (Unknown) 15.06.2010 07:45
Tobias, I have checked the filename and it is correct. Bartosz: How do I find whats missing?

Bartosz Koperski (Unknown) 15.06.2010 20:36
Try to open xml file with Internet Explorer. IE should show an error if something is wrong and game couldn't load it.


'rootX' is probably responsible for components, so you should check <components>.

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 17.06.2010 00:32
I shall try this.

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 19.06.2010 22:57
It hasnt worked. Nothing has changed.

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