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Created15.06.2010 22:09

Bartosz Koperski (Unknown) 15.06.2010 22:14

What is function opposite to addItemToSave? I'm making mod that deletes bales and now, when I try to save game, game is still trying to save position, rotation, etc. of deleted bale.

By the way, is there possibility to rotate collision of compoundChild in game? Now it's fine, but collision of Child isn't rotating.

Benjamin G (Unknown) 16.06.2010 08:29

I think compound children can not be rotated

Bartosz Koperski (Unknown) 05.07.2010 13:08
Thanks for answer.

But I have another problem.

When I put item into baleDestroyerTrigger, item is deleted, but game still tries to save it. Anyone knows how to fix it?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 07.07.2010 15:23
Does your bale have a user attribute called "isStrawbale" or "isHaybale"?
If it does not, the BarnMoverTrigger does not call the removeItemToSave function, and thus the game still tries to save this bale, even though the shape is already deleted.

Bartosz Koperski (Unknown) 07.07.2010 18:49
No, I didn't know bale should have this user attribute.

Now everything works perfectly.


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