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Created18.08.2010 13:07

Suba Hermann (Unknown) 18.08.2010 13:28
Dear All.

First thank you for reading my post.

I start playing LS2009 gold edition like 3 weeks ago. Everything works ok with the original map, the island.

Now I tried several new maps, which I downloaded them from I am having problems with most of the maps, let me describe the problem for a particularly map like Countryside_map :

- I dont find my vehicles inside the farm....are far away to the south, in the middle of a corn field. I installed the map by copying the maps folder in the data folder, first by keeping the original maps folder and overwriting it, then by deleting the original maps folder from data and copy paste the new one in the data folder, in this way without being necessary to overwrite anything. Same results in these 2 ways. Am I doing something wrong?

The map Zdunawek:
- a very nice map. Soon as I start I get confused because I am not sure that I am inside or in front of my farm, definitely I can see the Fendt area with the glowing spot in front of the door. I am looking for my vehicles and i looked on every place where I found buildings on the map, i couldnt find them, perhaps are again somehwere in a middle of a field. I installed the map in both 2 ways as I did it with the other map.

Oklahoma map :

MY character will spawn in the middle of the filed, same field marked with red lines on the PDA mini map. The vehicles are in front of on the same field as me, the other one on the road and the remaining across the road. I can not see any farm around. The cars, the traffic is wrong, cars are running out of roads, crashing them self into buildings.

Pls I need help, i spent days trying different maps and are all coming with these problems, or less problems, but in this case the grass is growing everywhere on my farm, and the PDA mini map doesn't match with what I see around me. Sometimes I try to zoom with "9" and again it will not match the 2 views.

I appreciate any help from you.

PS. My German language is not so gut as it should be who can help me with comments in Deutsche are welcome too .

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 19.08.2010 18:13
You need to start a new savegame.
Also you might want to change the careerVehicles.xml, since this provides the information where to place the initial vehicles.
You could also select "Reset Vehicles" after you saved your new savegame, which will automatically place the vehicles where the map has intended to.

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