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Created25.08.2010 11:59

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 25.08.2010 12:01
Hi at all,
The value of field Mass of the mod is a generic number or is possible to convert to Kg?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 26.08.2010 08:59
Which field do you mean? The value which is shown in the editor? This is the mass in tonnes. So you can calculate the mass in kg as mass*1000;

The density values are tonnes/m^3. So for water the density would be 1.

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 26.08.2010 09:41
Hi Mr. Stefan,
Yes, the field of editor.
It coincides with the result of function getMass, is it correct?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.08.2010 10:08
getMass should return the same value as the mass value in the editor. However getMass is only valid one frame after the i3d loading, since the physics creation is delayed.

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 27.08.2010 17:59
Hi Mr. Stefan,
Best regards

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 12.09.2010 18:44
Hi Mr Geiger,

I have a question concerning mod's mass aswell.
Can we use "setMass" to change an object's mass directly ingame. For example, after pressing a key the mass is set to the double of the original value. After pressing it again, the mass is set to its normal value.

Is that possible ?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 13.09.2010 09:11
Yes, you can use the setMass function to change the mass. This is done if you fill the trailers. They get heavier the more fruit they have loaded.

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 13.09.2010 12:53

Thanks a lot for your quick answer and disponibility. I'll have a closer look at this function.

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