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Created26.08.2010 09:20

Mark Farrington (chorleyboy) 26.08.2010 09:22
I've got a few questions regarding maps which hopefully someone can answer.

I've customised the standard map and extended the ground space to cover 2048x2048 (twice the original size). However, when I'm in the game I've noticed that my lag lags slightly but only at certain part on the map.

Typically this is when the player is looking inwards across the map. I've enabled the development controls and using key F8 i've noticed the object count is large at the point of lag (3000!). In the center of the map the count is typically around 700. So my questions are:

1) What does the object count (shown when you press F8 once) show? Is this the number of objects the game has scanned or those that it has actually rendered?
2) What does the object mask property inside the giants editor actually do? I've noticed in the original map that some transform groups have this value set to fff0.
3) I've set correct clip distances on all my objects and used simple (low polly) objects as well. However, is there any other way I can limit the amount of work I'm asking the game engine to do. Obviously I can reduce the number of objects on the map
but for example is there any way I can set a clip distance on a transform group so the game doesn't need to traverse inside the group scanning all the objects?

Many thanks for any help.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.08.2010 10:32
1) The object count shown is the number of objects actually rendered, multiplied with the number of passes they were rendered. Multiple lights, shadow maps given more render passes. So you probably might divide this number by two to approximately get the number of visible objects.

2) The object mask is used to make some objects invisible for certain effects. This is currently used for the water reflection. The water reflection map has an mask, and if this masks has some common bits with the object mask, the object will be visible in the reflection. The reflection map mask is GPU Profile dependent. In high and very high the reflection map mask is 1 and in low and medium it is FF0000. Thus objects with the object mask fff0 are never visible in the reflection map. For example most of the foliage stuff should have this object mask.

3) You can set the clipDistance for Transform Groups as well. Actually it is the preferred way to organize nearby objects into transform groups and also set some reasonable clip distance for it. E.g. the farm has its own transform group in the original map, as well as the port etc. We normally do not have any objects directly in the root node. This also has the advantage that you have a better overview in the scenegraph panel.

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