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Created31.08.2010 19:31

Mark Schilling (Unknown) 31.08.2010 19:41
Hey guys.

Wondering if it is possible to do a few things in the editor?

Firstly I want to know if you can put a pause function followed by a rotation command on the ship path so as it gets to a certain spot and stops and does an on the spot 180 degree turn, for when reversing out of port for instance then continues on the path?

Secondly is it possible to assign a trigger onboard the ship and one on each dock on 2 islands so you can get on the ship and walk/drive on a trigger and will be asked to press a key to start the ship on path, and triggers on dock could be used if you wanted to call the ship over to you when you are on the other shore and need a lift back.

Also if possible would be good if the ship would always pause at point "x" in this case being each dock, until triggered by the player.

Finally is it possible to put a trigger on the land, one at each of 2 ports, so as when the ship gets within a certain distance of the trigger the loading ramp on the ship will start to drop and then raise when passing the trigger point again while leaving port?

Was trying to create a roll on/roll off car ferry for transporting machinery between islands.

Any help would be appreciated.



Mark Schilling (Unknown) 01.09.2010 12:18
Actually alot simpler version would be to make the boat open on both ends and if you could just give me some tips on how to translate it back and forth in a straight line, i can allign both piers to be exactly inline.
Also to avoid scripting a door I can attach the ramp to the piers on both ends.

So just need help on how to translate in a straight line with a stop function at either side until you call the boat or activate it from onboard, and hopefully the possibility to attach 3 triggers to it to make it move from point a-b and then when triggered again from point b-a again. One trigger on each shore and one onboard, with hopefully the poibility of activating the trigger with the player not a vehicle.


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