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Trigger the folding mechanism from script?

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Created25.10.2010 23:32

Christer F (Unknown) 25.10.2010 23:38
I have a mod that is a trailer with a stand. When the trailer is hooked up the player can use the built-in folding mechanism to raise or lower the stand. But I also want to do it from the script code in onAttach and onDetach functions. I tried using the animation like I did with some other parts (followed the same steps to set up an animation) but then it doesn't work, neither from the script or from the built-in folding mechanism (but the info text shows up).
My guess is that I perhaps is trying to create two animation things from the same source and that gives some conflict.

Best would be if I could call some function to just fold/unfold the trailer, second best get the animation to work (get hold of the animation character set etc. all those values that are needed). Anyone getting this?

David Skipsey (Unknown) 03.11.2010 09:21
yeah,i did that sometime ago,but with trees.and i re-started the game looked for the trees that i had edited it was the xml file and the trees were just ghostly figures so i stuck the file back in and revitalised everything.and where can i obtain a latest version of the GE.i have 4.1.2i have ls-2009 gold editiion +patch.thanks

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 15.11.2010 09:18
You can use self:setFoldDirection(1) or self:setFoldDirection(-1) to start the folding animation.

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