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Problem with grass growing

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Created21.06.2009 13:35

Simon Berndt (Unknown) 21.06.2009 13:35
I have a question about the grass in LS09.
Since the patch it doesn't more grow automatically.
This feature has been turned off because it had some bugs.
There is a mod that makes the grass grow automatically again but it can not fix the problem.
I would be interested in what now exactly the error is.
And will be still worked on it?

Sorry for my bad english

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 22.06.2009 11:36
Automatic re-growing does not work, if you use a tedder (Zetter) or a windrower (Schwader). The grass does not grow anymore, where the cut grass falls on the ground. This is because all foliage is removed there, as well as the information that there is so grass to grow later.
This behavior could be removed, but than you have the problem, that sometime you have both cut grass and long grass at the same place, which leads to ugly graphics errors.
Resolving this (removing the cut grass as soon as the grass grows again) needs quite some work to be done in the engine. We will fix this in a later version of Farming Simulator.

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