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Created11.11.2010 23:43

Engel Flonk (Unknown) 11.11.2010 23:47

i am totally new to modding, and i have been orientating a little bit but i still have some questions which i think can best be answered by the community itself

which 3d modelling programme is the best?
should I been using maya, 3ds etc..

what is the best way to make a new mod?
first make a 3d model, then animations then scripts? or wouldn't that work.

i hope to hear from you, i am really looking forward to make some great mods

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 12.11.2010 10:42
Google Sketch Up is alright. But you need blender and some plugins to convert it to .i3d. And its usually best to make the model first, then the animations(if needed) then the scripting.

Engel Flonk (Unknown) 12.11.2010 20:28
so its first make a 3d model,
then load in into blender to make the animations and convert it to i3d
en then making the script

which programme is best for the scripting?
and how do you make the skins for your model?

i know a lot of questions :P, but its quite hard to get started with modding without info;)

thanks a lot

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 12.11.2010 21:02
You only need blender if you have used Google Sketch Up to make the components of the model, and that is used to convert it to .i3d so that it can be fully assembled in giants, and then have the animations made in giants. Also with Google Sketch Up you only make the separate parts of the model, one at a time, for example make the main body, and then convert it. Then if you want make the wheels and convert them.

And I don't actually do my own scripting, I usually use preexisting ones or slightly modify them and then set up my mod to use them.

To convert these models usually you need a separate folder to save stuff into. First save you part of your model into this folder, but with Google Sketch Up make sure first that you haven't made anything into a component. If you have then select all, then right click on the model and click 'explode' until the word is no longer selectable. Then export the model into this folder in .dae form. Then open Blender, and providing that you have the right plug ins (they are available to copy off of the game disc, into the blender files on your hard drive) then import the file into blender and export into giants and make sure you export it into the folder. Then if there was a folder of textures that appeared when you exported the mod from sketch up rename it 'assets' then you can open the file with giants. But it will be massive so select the transform group that you should see and scale that to '0.0254' on all axes.

It would probably be good to get help of a real modder too to explain stuff better. I am not really that good.

Engel Flonk (Unknown) 12.11.2010 23:09
haha, no its good enough, you already helped a lot,
i can really get started now, but i have to say, its very hard to get some good info on how to get started.
i will try it out now, if it whouldn't work i will hear sooner or later :P
thx a lot!

Victor Vasilenko (Unknown) 13.06.2011 18:09
what is .i3d and blender?

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