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Created24.06.2009 11:08

Robert Lidström (RobertLidstroem) 24.06.2009 11:09
My map is put on hold cause i can't paint terraindetails. As soon as i choose "terrainDetail" in the dropdown menu, the GiantEditor craps itself and gives me an errormessage and quits to desktop.

This the message i get in Giant:

Driver: NVIDIA PhysX Runtime
Version: 2.8.1
Driver: OpenAL Software
OpenGL Rendersystem
Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer: ATI Radeon HD 4670
Version: 2.1.8673
GL_NV_texture_compression_vtc not supported
GL_NV_vertex_program2_option not supported
GL_NV_vertex_program3 not supported
GL_NV_register_combiners2 not supported
max_texture_layers: 8
GL_NV_fragment_program_option not supported
GL_NV_fragment_program2 not supported
OpenGL initialization successful
GPU profile: Medium
View Distance Coeff: 1
Shadow Quality: 1
Skip Mipmaps: 1
Terrain LOD Distance Coeff: 1
Error: Can't load resource: F:/000_games/Landwirtschafts.Simulator.2009/Mods/1_Egna/Maps/maps_original_från_spelet/map01/cultivator_density.png
Scenefile F:\000_games\Landwirtschafts.Simulator.2009\Mods\1_Egna\Maps\maps_original_från_spelet\map47.i3d loaded in 59594.4 ms
Check for updates (

Any ideas?

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 24.06.2009 19:17
Hi Robert,

You should check the path of the file cultivator_density.png in your map i3d. Its possibly wrong and thats the reason the editor crashes.


Robert Lidström (RobertLidstroem) 24.06.2009 23:09
Hi, Christian and thanks for your reply!

I checked my map and the path and it looks like this:

<File fileId="113" filename="map01/cultivator_density.png" relativePath="true"/>

Seems correct, doesn't it?

Thankful for any help! :)

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 25.06.2009 09:39
This look correct.
But does "F:/000_games/Landwirtschafts.Simulator.2009/Mods/1_Egna/Maps/maps_original_från_spelet/map01/cultivator_density.png" or maybe "cultivator_density.grle" exist?

Robert Lidström (RobertLidstroem) 25.06.2009 10:01
Hi, Stefan!

Thats true, the "cultivator_density.grle" does exist, but the cultivator_density.png has never been in my map01-folder. Should rewrite that line:

<File fileId="113" filename="map01/cultivator_density.png" relativePath="true"/>

to be:

<File fileId="113" filename="map01/cultivator_density.grle" relativePath="true"/>

Thank you for your support and help!

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