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Created17.12.2010 22:19

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 17.12.2010 22:22
I have tried to create a new version of the John Deere 9660 STS, and have made and remade the mod, but every time I try to unload the combine, after putting the pipe out, nothing happens and it doesn't unload. Can anyone suggest what the problem could be?


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 27.12.2010 11:35
Do you have the pipe raycast node set correctly?

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 27.12.2010 22:31
Whats that?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 28.12.2010 09:31
In the xml you can specify a node which is used as the start point of the unloading raycast, and the -y axis is the direction of this node.

You can check out one of the original combine, e.g. in the xml of the deutz 5465H:
<pipe numStates="2" unloadingStates="2" raycastNodeIndex="7|0" raycastDistance="6">

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 31.12.2010 22:16
What is it supposed to be in LS2009 then? I have used the Fendt 9460R as a base.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 03.01.2011 10:05
Oh, you talking about LS2009. There is not raycast node option. The raycast is shot at the particle root node position.

So you need to make sure that the position specified of the pipeParticleSystem is where the unloading position of the pipe is.

This position is relative to the node you specified as the pipe.

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 09.01.2011 01:13
What is the rotation of the pipe in the out position with the Giants combine script then?

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 09.01.2011 05:18
You can see in XyZ rotation in attributes in ge or?!

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 09.01.2011 22:43
I mean when the pipe is out/extended.

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 21.01.2011 22:03
Does anyone know this?

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