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Add new detailterrain like spray

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Created27.06.2009 19:41

Heady Planet-ls (Headshot XXL) 27.06.2009 19:52
i try to add a new terrainDetail texture like spray.

i changed in the map numDensityMapChannels to 5 and in the file cultivatorGroundShader.xml at line 255 "TERRAIN_DETAIL_CHANNEL_4" to "TERRAIN_DETAIL_CHANNEL_5".

if i select channel 1 and 5 (or 4) there is no spray texture, only cultivator texture.

why does not work with "TERRAIN_DETAIL_CHANNEL_5"?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 28.06.2009 14:59
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use more than 4 terrain detail channels in the custom shader.
However you can use a 5th channel to save some extra information, which you than can use in the scripts.
If you want to have some visual feedback, you would have to add a second TerrainDetailTransformGroup.

Stephan Alm (Unknown) 10.07.2010 02:11
i search for a good tutorial for Terraindetail to add new Layers. But i have no found a tutorial. So i have foun this post an i will ask here: Can you say what is the right way to add new Layers in the Terraindetail? i will add new Layer but no tutorials.

Or can wright a text (tut,small) so we can add new Layer?

Thanks for Answer


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 12.07.2010 09:31
You can add new information channels to the terrain detail layer as described in the first post (changing the attribute numDensityMapChannels). But you can change the visual effect, since the limit there is 4, which is already used up by the original setup.

Using multiple terrain detail layers is a feasible why to add more textures, however you can not mix the two detail layers then. Only one of the two detail layers is visible at a time at one spot.

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