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Created06.07.2009 06:52

Michael Pillkahn (Unknown) 06.07.2009 07:01
What must i do to run LS2009 directly without use wine

i will install today debian on my 2nd system and i won't use wine but lua is direct supported by linux so i think i have more frames to play with the older system

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 06.07.2009 09:57
Hi Michael,

At the moment its not possible to run Farming Simulator 2009 under Linux without wine.


Michael Pillkahn (Unknown) 07.07.2009 01:57
but why give it a LINUX version of GIANTS editor ?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 07.07.2009 09:05
There is a Linux version both of the Editor and the SDK, however there is no Linux version of FS09. Thats because the Linux version of the SDK is not at the latest version, that is used by FS09.

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