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Created06.05.2021 15:43

Kippari 2 (kippari) 06.05.2021 15:43
I recently decided to give modding a try. I made and rigged a front loader with armature. I'm using blender 2.79 for modeling and animation and 2.49 for materials, textures and export.
I have studied the animation structure and have used a lot of tutorials, but they don't cover everything or don't exist for fs09.
So I came to wonder how the game knows what parts to move. I opened some tractors i3d in notepad++ and noticed the nodeId attribute.
Is this the attribute that tells the game what parts to move?
How do I add it in blender?
What does the rootNode in the xml do? Ex:

<frontloader jointIndex="35|0|1" jointType="frontloader" animationClip1="armClipSource" rootNode1="35" speedScale1="-1" animationClip2="tiltClipSource" rootNode2="35|0" speedScale2="1" compensationSpeedScale="0.45" />

Finally how do I get the fileId for the textures and is the fileId used to link the texture and material together to the object?
Thanks for the help and advice.

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