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Change traffic paths splines in maps

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Created08.07.2009 12:07

Manuel Adams (Unknown) 08.07.2009 12:17
I want the traffic's path to re-write in order to adapt them to my map.
Now I ask myself after a few unsuccessful attempts whether open end of the splines are allowed.Or must the whole be a closed circle?

Without the junctions of the original "TrafficPaths" I get an error from the Utils.lua

Line 359 i guess. log is unfortunately overwritten.

I had success with my experiments. Open ends of the splines are possible.

Only the turning of the vehicles are not yet fit.
So far I have only used straight splines.
If I use the curved splines, do I have to place a trigger for each transition between Splines?

Is there a possibility the spawning of the vehicles to a location determined?

Sucess..i think i´ve solved all Major Bugs....but find an lot of Minor Things...

The most important problem or issue is:

Why turn the vehicles before the intersection?
Is the turning area between the "trigger Junction" and "Trigger Junktion Small"?
And could i Scale the Trigger down to fit my Roads and Intersections?

Best Regards

Christian Ammann - GIANTS Software 14.07.2009 10:07
Hi Manuel,

You can scale down triggers in Maya with the scale function and then bake this scale into the mesh with the freeze transformation function of Maya.


Manuel Adams (Unknown) 15.07.2009 12:46

So turn the cars in the space between the trigger and the "trigger_small"?

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 15.07.2009 16:36
The cars moving directions are only specified by the splines. The triggers are only used to avoid collision at the intersections.

As soon a vehicle enters a intersection trigger, there are some calculations done to find out whether this vehicle is allowed to move or if it should wait for an other vehicle in the intersection region.

The as soon as a vehicle leaves the small trigger region, it does not affect this calculation anymore. This is to garantee that vehicles leave the crossroads earlier than that they enter it. The bigger triggers are quite big, because of the braking distance.

You must place a trigger at every intersection between two splines.

Vehicles spawn randomly at the intersection triggers.

Manuel Adams (Unknown) 17.07.2009 14:27
So, the turning circle at intersections affected by the script or the Spline? Because that's my problem at the moment.

For example, I have scaled some splines to fit my Map Size. Scale Z Value is often over 5.
So the turning radius at the Intersections is affected? That would explain a lot to me.

If it helps, I could upload a few screenshots.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 18.07.2009 00:24
You should not scale the splines, since this affects turning the turning radius of the vehicles. A scale of 5 = 5 times the normal intersection turning radius

Manuel Adams (Unknown) 19.07.2009 21:32
Thx Stefan...this explains a lot...

In Future i will use non Scaled Splines.

It works as described, unscaled Splines in use and no Problems with the Turn Radius.
How far can I place the ends of the splines within the Trigger Area, because sometimes a car misses the beginning of a spline while turning. In this case the Ends are really close to each other.

When 2 splines meet directly must there necessarily a trigger placed over it?

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