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RPM And Gear Ratio Spredsheet

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Created23.12.2014 21:52

Matt Phyall (mattphyall) 23.12.2014 21:55
[s]Hi guys
In the modding for dummies book i have just purchased it says go to
( http:// videoTutorials.php ), where you can find a spreadsheet that helps you calculate correct RPM and gear ratio values

I also have the modding tutorial DLC
I cannot Find this spreadsheet anywhere, does anyone know where to find it ?[/s]

Matt Phyall (mattphyall) 24.12.2014 02:00
Edit I have found it

Albert Lancaster (Unknown) 13.05.2015 01:33

Here you go man. Even though you found it, others may still not be able too.
Here are a couple more you will find very helpful.
[Edit by moderator: links deleted]

Hope these help you do what your trying to do.

T Fisher (FarmerFish) 13.05.2015 17:22
[Edit by moderator: link deleted]
This link is pointing to something other than vehicle types txt.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2015 08:58

please have a look at SDK folder in the installation directory of FS to find the needed files.


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