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How-To-Request: create store picture

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Created14.09.2016 19:15

Adrian Matzinger (amhh115) 14.09.2016 19:20

Looking forward to FS17 where the store pictures seem to have shadow included, I want to ask the developers from GIANTS Software, if it wouldn't be possible, to write/release a documentation about how to create a store picture like the vehicles in the base game.

It's horrible to see how some modders downgrade their good mods with a bad store picture.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.09.2016 07:14

that's a nice idea.
I will talk with the colleagues about that idea and we'll see what we can do.


Kamil Patryk (CML99) 15.09.2016 18:08 - nothing more complicated.
Just create a simple cube (scale it to 100 or something) and mark "receive shadowmap" in shapes tab.

Adrian Matzinger (amhh115) 17.09.2016 16:06

Thanks Patryk, I didn't know about this shadowmap feature.

But for a - in my eyes - suitable store picture the point of view should also be about the same as in the "original" ones.

Another nice feature for the GIANTS Editor would be, if the editor could load the dynamicallyLoaded parts (like wheels, beaconLights) and/or set spareParts automatically as described in the xml file of the vehicle. This could be solved by an "open xml file" entry in the menu where the user can choose the xml file. The needed "3D functions" will be in the part of the GIANTS Engine, which the editor uses, i guess.


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