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Created25.02.2021 12:11

Ticho / Drewcz (drewCZ) 25.02.2021 12:11
could anybody specify all available parameters for running exe file? I can't found it here in docs and forum.

I've got
prerequisite for some F keys and some console commands


Thank you.

Peter Harder (Peter62) 01.03.2021 22:59
FS19 is starting faster, don't showing the intro and advertising when you start FS.

Ticho / Drewcz (drewCZ) 13.03.2021 19:24
Thank you Peter!
Interesting is that parameter -restart don't delete / renew log.txt and this file is growing every game start. Independent on game restart, start another day etc. Simply log.txt remains and growth. Only notice, not bad as is. Only have time to time delete log file.

So, last question. What is available value in file game.xml for tag <startMode>. It was
1 - normal start without real signal lights (default value i think)
6 - when changed ingame settings to real signal lights.
Is there any other value, and what is it's matter?

Thank you.

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 22.03.2021 15:00

Follow it with the id of your savegame and the game will go directly to loading it, skipping the main menu.

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