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Question about Input Bindings

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Created02.04.2016 14:40

Todd Hundersmarck (ThundR75) 02.04.2016 14:53
Hi, I have a question about how the input bindings work in the game. For example I have jump bound to "X", crouch bound to "A" and say my handheld tool bound to "X+A". Currently, if I hit both the "X" and "A" buttons simultaneously, I will jump, crouch, and then activate hand tool. All three bindings fire.

Is there any way to change how the game handles multi-button presses? I know on the keyboard, hitting "Left Shift+M" (maxiMapOverlay) does not fire the "M" (expand mini-map) input binding as well.

The reason I ask, is because I cannot bind anything to a single button. If I do, I cannot use that button in any combination. For example, if I wanted to assign raise/lower attachment to "X" and turn on attachment to "LB+X", every time I turn on the attachment, it would also raise or lower it. It's kind of irritating.

Hope that all makes sense. Just wondering if there is any way to go about fixing that?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.04.2016 06:49

should be fixed in the next version of FS.
Sorry for the non optimal solution in FS15.


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