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FS17: Vehicle RPM

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Created21.11.2016 16:03

Todd Hundersmarck (ThundR75) 21.11.2016 16:05

I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but I noticed something strange about the rpm of vehicles when you drive them. At a stand still, rpm is as it should be, but there is no fuel usage. As soon as I hit the accelerator, regardless of how much I press it, or how fast I am going, rpm shoots to max and so does fuel usage.

Seems unrealistic that rpm is always maxed regardless of speed, or acceleration. Going 5 mph is the same as running max speed down a road rpm and fuel usage wise. That doesn't seem right. Is that intended, or a bug?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.12.2016 15:50

this behavior is related to the interaction between the scripts and the physics simulation.
Only option we have right now is to take the current speed into consideration, but that's also not 100% realistic.
So, it will be improved in the future.


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