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Created03.12.2016 18:16

Zachary Snyder (Unknown) 03.12.2016 18:29
I do graphics design work, so I'm use to the Adobe style of doing things so I kind of always expect some resistance to controls on other software. but this has to be by far the most frustrating software I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Nothing is straightforward, in order to accomplish simple functions like leveling out an area, or filling in small little dips in and expecting a hardline cut off rather then massive spill over requires custom scripting rather then being a bog standard and straightforward.

and can anyone explain to me why movement when editing is not done with the arrow keys or numb pad to prevent mistakes or at the very least allowing the ability to move around while working so you can get a better view?

I'm sorry I have a full keyboard, I'd like to use it.

Tom Boutain (Unknown) 14.12.2016 15:40
I was frustrated with this too, but found a work around that isn't too terrible. In my map I have a camera dedicated to drawing fields/dirt roads/anything that needs to be straight. The camera points straight down. Then I turned on "Mouse Keys" in my computer settings and I can move the mouse with the numpad. So I just put the mouse where I want it, hold the left click and use NumPad 2,4,6,8 to move it, and it moves perfectly straight.

I still have to move the camera manually with the mouse, but it works better than nothing. I would like to have a way to pan sideways with the camera with a key command. Haven't figured out how to do it with scripting. Even if it was like hit Ctrl-D and it moved the camera over 200. I know I can write a script for the movement, but the hotkey I'm not sure.

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