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Created24.03.2017 09:47

Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 24.03.2017 09:47
Hi, good people of Giants

Suggestion: Update the GDN forum software. Make it possible to post images and videos. It will be easier to explain our problems this way.

Also, a feature that notifies us on replies, and thread subscriptions would be nice.

Just sayin… :)

Maaslandmods Author (Maaslandmods) 24.03.2017 10:56
Yes, I do agree.
Also wondering why there is a difference between and

Kind a weird actually as both forums look old

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 17.04.2017 21:35
I absolutely agree. This forum could really use an update. Things I'd like to see personally:
- A management system with notifications for replies to a topic you posted in (with a possibility to unsubscribe)
- A way to post code in a more reader-friendly manner. Other forums have special code blocks for this.

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