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bug report - sellPriceMultiplier and buyPriceMultiplier

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Created21.05.2017 08:54

Michel Dorge (Unknown) 21.05.2017 08:54
Hi, can you check this problem :

Test = start a new game, hire the worker, look at how much it costs you (in 1 minutes for example)
Then, stop the worker, save your game, load it again, and do the same experience => the worker costs more.
Only possible in easy and normal diffculty levels.

Reason : when you start a game, you get this values :
- easy difficulty => g_currentMission.missionInfo.difficulty=1 / g_currentMission.missionInfo.sellPriceMultiplier=2 / g_currentMission.missionInfo.buyPriceMultiplier=0.5
- normal difficulty => g_currentMission.missionInfo.difficulty=2 / g_currentMission.missionInfo.sellPriceMultiplier=1.5 / g_currentMission.missionInfo.buyPriceMultiplier=0.75
- hard difficulty => g_currentMission.missionInfo.difficulty=3 / g_currentMission.missionInfo.sellPriceMultiplier=1 / g_currentMission.missionInfo.buyPriceMultiplier=1

Once you save your game and load it again, the "sellPriceMultiplier" and "buyPriceMultiplier" are always 1, whatever the diffculty level

Part of the game impacted = storage costs, hired worker, bale selling prices, wood selling prices

PS : I don't know if this problem was present in the first version of the game or if this problem comes from one of the patches

Farming Simulator 17, Version: 1.4.4RC8

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.05.2017 07:22

thanks for reporting that bug.
Problem is fixed for patch 1.5


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