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Created13.12.2018 03:49

Kyle Beroney (Unknown) 13.12.2018 03:49
This may be just my issue, but I absolutely cannot use this website or forum on either my Chrome or Mozilla browsers. I have everything 3rd party for content blockers disabled and still nothing. The website absolutely refuses to work. The only way I was able to login and access forums or GE 8.1.0beta was through my Microsoft Edge Browser. Any suggestions? Giants, can you read this post please? Highly frustrated considering I have been able to use the site in the past.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 13.12.2018 12:25
Must be an issue with your individual system.
I'm using Mozilla Firefox for long time and never had problems.
Activate diagnosis/developer controls on your browser to see what's the problem.

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