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Faming simulator 2019 on swedish version

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Created24.12.2018 20:44

Johanna Johansson (Unknown) 24.12.2018 20:44
Why are not this game have swedish version? I give this game to my son in christmas eve and he is disapointed that it is only in english version and he fint can english yet. He is only 9 years.
And a question. How can he sell cars ? He but to many in the beginning

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.12.2018 21:03
Yes - you're right. Since Giants is a european company, it should at least cover the europ. languages.
On the other hand there are too many languages worldwide upto hebrew, arabian, kishuali .. quite impossible to cover all.

Corcerning your question "selling vehicles":
Activate "store" (default key P) and select "garage". Or drive vehicle to store place where you'll get a better sell price.

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