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[BUG] Manure behavior and value incorrect on PDA

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Created09.01.2021 04:48

Mike R*** (Vanguard) 09.01.2021 04:48
Small one...

The value of manure in the PDA is never correct and doesn't represent the amount of manure at the husbandry.

Looking at HusbandryModuleManure:onIntervalUpdate() the amount of manure to add each interval is calculated at the end and added to the amount to be added next interval, but it is already added to the filllevel of the husbandry, even though it isn't there. This is the only module that calculates the amount to add at the end for the next interval, rather than updating this interval.

I can't see a reason why:
local newManure = totalNumAnimals * self.singleAnimalUsagePerDay * dayToInterval

is at the end of the function rather than at the beginning.

Ɓukasz Dziurla (Majster509) 06.02.2021 20:37

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