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[BUG] InputBinding logic

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Created27.01.2021 06:42

Mike R*** (Vanguard) 27.01.2021 06:42
The issue specifically related to IngameMap but the issue is in the InputBinding logic itself.

When entering the landscaping or placement screen, IngameMap:registerInput() is called, which overwrites thebaseIngameMap.toggleMapSizeEventId . After exiting the screen and revertContext is called, the
baseIngameMap.toggleMapSizeEventId is no longer valid, and the event can no longer be enabled/disabled.

Also, because IngameMap registers more than once, even though a different context, with the exact same parameters and target, the entry gets overwritten... when context is reverted, it's no longer valid, and the actionEntry is holding a stale pointer to the wrong event

Ɓukasz Dziurla (Majster509) 06.02.2021 20:36

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