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Created14.12.2021 01:05

Greg Meeuwissen (gjmtruck) 14.12.2021 01:05
Well have put a few hours on the clock now and begining to see a few things wrong with the contract system in the new FS22 release.

First cotton contracts do not give the correct or any planters for the borrowing of equipment have had one contract give a seeder and others give noting at all to choose from its ok as had my own planter also it is a problem using your own seeding equpment in that the stones remain so i am assuming that it is increasing the wear on my equipment as it will not allow the remove of the field stones prior to seeding for that contract.

As for other contracts the wheat and barley contract that require deliver to the sell point of the train off the map produce the incrorrect required delivery amount by almost 10 times the amount get from the field. The work around i have used is to deliver the quanty that the field produces and then edit the mission xml to true status and then i am able to collect the mission money.

It would be nice for the stones to be a contract or have them dissapear when the contract for seeding/planting the field is created. you don't see the field stones whilst cultivating the filed untill the contract is collected then they appear. so when are you suppose to deal with the field stones for contracts.

It is also getting to be addictive just playing the game loving the changes especially with the productions another thing with the production the spinnery only has a small amount it can process and it take a while to process that so if two or more cotton contraccts are there it will finish the contract without the need to deliver the cotton.

Thanks for making this great game even better hope to get into some modding soon as well

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