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Created06.03.2022 05:04

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 06.03.2022 05:04
Hello there,

After explaining the context there is my question.

I'm having issues contacting authors of mods I built permantly into my mod map.
Without permission, the better choice would be to link the mods via the placeables.xml to the mods folder - if you use them as they are.
However I'm not using these user created mods as they are. I modify these mods to a point, where only the author could tell, that some fragments are from his own mod. I do not use custom objects and textures of other people.

Is it okay to publish my map in the future without asking anyone of these modders?

Anthony Vocco (SugarDasho) 06.04.2023 17:24
At your own risk. In any case, you can indicate the authorship of the authors, mods which you use. I think there will be nothing wrong.

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