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Created02.11.2012 08:23

Mochinabs Asabo (Unknown) 02.11.2012 08:36
there is a flurry of points less noticed in the game farming simulator, such as :
1. any plant if the passed vehicle wheels will be damaged.
2. besides that plants need water to thrive.
3. and sometimes pests and diseases attack plants that make the plant a corp failure.

and many more points that should be in this game that should add value to the adventures in the world of agriculture. is anyone going to add a point less for this game?

Neil Kalvin (Unknown) 04.11.2012 19:26
I to have been thinking of this. in previous farming games you had pests and different quality of fertilizer's. you could call in for an Arial spray. also you had to water the fields . it would be nice for some management screens and field performance screens. I was thinking that the land should degrade as well depending on the fertilizer type how many times you used the same crop on the land, so you would have to crop rotate. Pests different types of pests would be good and depending again on the fertilizer used and crop rotation cold affect the amount of pests and field health. Rain affect and weather affects on the crops. i have some more ideas as well, 1 of them is to add some over lay screens Like in other RTS's so you could control your farming equipment and Workers, give them complex tasks like transportation of grains to sale and moment of farming equipment and of course full automation of your farm so you program the workers to work the farm and you sit back and collect the fat cash. i know this would take some work but i am ready any one from development want to get a hold of me. i really like the game engine and think it have great potential to be real fun. you could have different farms competing in the game map for sales and growing profitability. how good are you and your friends farm. SO MANY COOL THINGS

Mochinabs Asabo (Unknown) 12.11.2012 16:04
additional ideas, not all of the job using the machine. where there are plants that can be harvested many times, such as grapes, peppers, oranges, etc.. This requires labor. would be more fun if there is a mod workers who pick the fruits. games are now thick with the feel of the machine industry sponsors. should not called farming simulator, but the simulator farm machinery

Charles Cloninger (Unknown) 06.02.2013 05:48
well the game in general is a great game I like very much but the multi play expect needs fixing as far as issues with wool pallets vanishing items off trailers on ground and selling those items you can't sell them in 2nd player mode host can but 2nd player can not.

Lucy Green (Unknown) 22.02.2014 08:19
what's the name of the game? Do you finish it?

Lucy Green (Unknown) 22.02.2014 08:21
what's the name of the game? Do you finish it?

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